The 29th Last Annual Crusader Ball

F8 Crusader challenge coin

LACB29 Squadron Dinners

The LACB29 Committee has intentionally set aside Thursday evening for squadron dinners. We encourage you to get together with your squadron mates and plan your own private affair. It's a great way to reunite in a more relaxing setting.

The following squadrons are actively organizing a private evening. If you were in one of these squadrons, email or call the point of contact, tell him you're interested and to add you to the attendee list. Make it a great time with your former squadron mates.

As soon as the POCs determine a location and time and pass them along, the details will be posted here. So, check back to get the latest word.

Other squadrons, don't let these guys steal the spot light. Someone step forward and let us know you're willing to organize an evening for your squadron and we'll put out the word and help you publicize it. Don't let all of those Brand "X's" out do you!

For POC's, here's a partial list of some favorite watering holes within reasonable access of the hotel that have private dining rooms:

This promises to be a great evening so take advantage of it. Support your squadron and enjoy the camaraderie. Bring your camera and click away and we'll get them on the web.

When you're out of F8's, you're out of fighters.