The 29th Last Annual Crusader Ball

May 3-7, 2017, Hyatt Regency Mission Bay, San Diego, CA

Front cover of LACB29 dinner program

(Click image to download the Dinner Program)

Scenes from LACB29!!

Penthouse Ready Room: Photos

Squadron Dinners: VF-191, VF-24/VF-211

Friday Night Gunfighter Reception: Photos

USS Midway Crusader Pilot Tribute: Photos

The 29th Last Annual Crusader Ball

Cocktails: Photos

Dinner: Photos

Dance: Photos

Green Screen: Photos


Aitcheson, George & Fran
Alderink, James & Mary
  Bruce & Karen Dyer
Allen, John & Patty
Appelgate, Terry & Suzanne
Baker, Marvin & Jan
Batcheller, Pete & Joyce
Batzler, Jack & Carolyn
Beam, David & Ann
Bell, Dennis & Terry
Bernet, Drew
  Jeanette Novarina
Berry, Russ
Best, Dave & Elizabeth
Bird, Dick
Black, Karen
  Mackenzie Edwards
Blackwood, Tom & Janis
Boland, Elaine
Bortnem, Russ
  Russ Bortnem, Jr.
Box, Roger & Diana
Buonaguidi, Mary & Marc
Burnside, Al & Cindy
Calmes, Greg & Bobbi
Campbell, Jay & Faith
Carroll, Willy
Cavicke, Dick & Virginia
Clark, Larie & Sandra
  Marc Clark
Corah, Frank & Sandy  
Corboy, Tom & Barbara
Corica, Ken
Cowles, Dave & Dru
  Joe & Greta Motsinger
Cox, Doug & Cindy
Dale, Fred & Shari Anne
Davis, Ed & Maxine
DeWeese, Dale & Ellen
Dicke, Gary & Ruth
Domville, Tom & Carol
Driscoll, Norm
Eikenbery, Tod & Mary Lou
Evert, Dick & Mary
Feliton, Jim
  Michael Feliton
Fields, "Dub" & Helene
Floyd, Dick & Barbara
Furey, Vincent
Gaines, Alan & Ann
Gillcrist, Jim
  Casey Gillcrist
  Mary Gillcrist Bones &
    John Haggerty
  Tom & Terese Gillcrist
  Peter & Amie Gillcrist
Giles, Skip
Glasscock, Charles
  Linda Cary
Gottschalk, Ronn & Andrea
Graves, Dave & Maxine
Greathouse, Bob & Susie
Gregory, Eric & Elaine
Grover, Rodney & Wanda
Gunn, Steve
Hamilton, Jim & Penny
Heintz, Ron
Henderson, Neal & Carolyn
Hoch, Bob & Deette
Holm, John & Jeannette
Johnson, Kent
Jones, Dick & Janet
Kaine, Len & Anne
Kidrick, James & Andie
Kilpatrick, John & Shirley
  Heather Scott
  Marilyn Nunn
Kunkel, Barry & Cindy
Lambe, Ron & Shirley
Lambert, Steve
Larson, Vern & Gerri
Lee, Bobby & Dotti
Leonard, Skip
Letter, Tom & Dianna
Lewis, Morrie & Connie
Little, Doug & Elice
Lowry, Charles
Markel, James & Beverly
Masat, Ken & Margo
McDonough, Bob & Karen
McGarvie, Jim & Jan
McGirl, Pat
Meyers, Chip & Debbie
Miller, Larry
  Spencer Miller
Miller, Nigal & Joan
Moore, Robert
  Terry Moore (son)
Moore, Rufus
  Andrew Moore 
  Mona Moore
  Rosalind Moore
  Helena Moore
  Christine Weber
  Rebecca Weber
Morgenfeld, Tom & Norma
Morris, Bill & Margaret
Morris, Larry & Judy Lazo
Mudgett, Dick & Lorraine
Murrell, Gregory & Barbara
Musitano, Jack & Terry
Naegeli, Darryl & Ellen
Napoli, Tom
Najarian, Tom & Robin
  Cassandra Najarian
  Celeste Najarian
Nelson, Len & Lorna
Nowak, Larry & Donna
O'Donnell, Mike & Isabell
  Mike & Dawn O'Donnell
  Maria O'Donnell
O'Gara, Ed
O'Neill, James & Louise
Overton, Henry & Jan
Ozbirn, Jim & Dede
Palmer, Tom & Elly
Pearl, Bob & Gay
Peterson, Jon & Jean
Phaneuf, Joe &
  Michaela Conley
Phelps, Pete & Pat
Pope, Bill & Anne
Redditt, Rich & Pat
Reeves, Joe & Cathy
Repsher, Boyd & Lois
  Dolly Brown
Ressel, Don & Kathy
Riley, Vic & Carolyn
Ringwood, Paul & Lynne
Rose, Ray & Karen
Ruby, Scott
Rucker, Alex & Deanie
Russ, Steve & Nancy
Ryan, Jim & Marge
Sandweg, Bob
Schroeder, Chuck & Joyce
Scott, Mike
Scott, Tom
Shaffer, Terry
Shardy, Jim
  White, Suzie
Sharp, Willie
  Diz Laird
Southwick, Ev &
  Carol Regalado
Statton, Carl & Delle
Stein, Bill & Christine
  Ted & Colleen Stein
  Mike & Christine Blenk
  Ed Irvine
Smith, Dick & Karen
Smith, Gerald & Carol
Stephenson, Lee
Stevens, Steve & Su
Swartz, T.R. & Bernardine
Switzer, Bill & Pamela
Taylor, Gene
Taylor, Robert & Angela
Tinker, Chuck & Mitch
Tracz, Stan & Marie
Umbdenstock, Pete
Unruh, Jerry & Dee
Valeche, Hal
Vampatella, Phil & Patricia
  Steve Rearwin
  Barbara Hall
  Merry Kennedy
Waldron, Mike & Joy
Weatherup, Mark &
  Cathe Krueger
  Sandy Houston
  Gerry Layer
Weber, Jerry & Sandy
Welch, Keefer & Patricia
Welch, Mike
Weller, Gary & Linda
  Bryn Weller
Wells, George &
  Penny Meskunas
West, Henry & Chris
White, Jim
Williams, Gary & Kathy
  Kendra Bowers
Williams, Royce
Wright, William
Zasio, Art & Dee

What Happened?

The party's over but the memories certainly aren't. We had a great turnout which made it one of the best ever.

A few people had to drop out at the last minute, but almost 150 F-8 drivers attended LCB29. Including their ladies and guests we had over 330 people participating in the various events. Amazingly, we had 48 drivers attend who had not been to an LACB lately. Plus, there were a half dozen in attendance who had never been to an LACB before! It was great.

The ready room was the center of activity and Skip Leonard and his volunteers kept the adult juices flowing. Old friends not only renewed acquaintences, but made some new friends in the process as well. Make sure you take a look at the photos in the links above.

The squadron dinners Thursday night were a spectacular success. VFP-63 and VF-191 topped the charts with over 40 drivers and ladies in attendance. A great job by all of the leaders who organized them.

Friday morning golf sported a robust crew hitting the links bright and early. Thanks to Jim Ozbirn for putting it together.

Friday night's Gunfighter Reception was just a great big WOW!!! The Mariachi Band was a wonderful treat. They just don't get any better than that. Enjoying a Mariachi Band playing live on the Cinco de Mayo was indeed special.

Saturday was busy but especially rewarding in spite of the wet weather. The memorial wreath we placed in the water from the Midway was a heart-felt event. Those memories will live for a long time.

And then the Saturday night Ball. What a wonderful evening. High winds outside but a warm time inside. Mary Buonaguidi's slide show brought back some wonderful memories. The young color guard, the DJ, everything came together to make it a perfect night. And when it came dance time, you wouldn't believe how those geriatrics could dance. The dance floor overflowed! And when they wore out, they flooded into the ready room for night caps and goodbye's well past the midnight hour.

We owe a special thanks to the LACB29 Committee for putting it all together and especially to our event planner, Mary Buonoguidi. The committee members: Dennis Bell, Dick Evert, John Holm, Skip Leonard, Norm McCoy, Nigal Miller, Jim Ozbirn, Bob Pearl, Pete Phelps, Chuck Schroeder, and Mike Waldron. Kudos for a job well done. And another special thanks to the wives who checked us in and kept the ready room snacks flowing: Dru Cowles, Norma Morgenfeld, Dede Ozbirn, Gay Pearl, Joyce Schroeder, Bernadine Swartz, and Dee Unruh. It wouldn't have worked without them. Thanks to all.

Tons and tons of photos are posted above. Our photographer R.J. made the rounds at all of our events and captured it all. Browse through the galleries. When you find a photo you like and want to have a copy of it, just click on it to display a print-quality version that you can download and print.

Thanks to all who attended LACB29. Seeing so many of you turn out and enjoying yourselves make all the effort workwhile.

/s/ Dave Cowles, Chairman, LACB29 Committee

The LACB29 Committee:

Dave Cowles, Chairman
Mary Buonaguidi, Event Planner
Denny Bell Dick Evert
John Holm Skip Leonard
Norm McCoy Nigal Miller
Jim Ozbirn Bob Pearl
Pete Phelps Chuck Schroeder
Mike Waldron