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The F-8 enjoyed the highest kill ratio of any fighter engaged in the Vietnam airwar. Other models had more kills, primarily due to numbers. Crusaders flew only from the few small 27-C class carriers; there just weren't many F-8s around, and since most Marine operations were in the South, Marines had virtually no opportunity to engage MiGs. Though most kills were by Sidewinder, guns were used in many engagements in conjunction with the missile attack. The F-8 drivers had a choice Phantom drivers envied - a choice of guns or missiles.

Cdr. HAL MARR, VF-211. 12 June 1966. MiG-17; Sidewinder/gun attack. Damage to second MiG-17; gun attack. Click HERE for pictures.
Lt. GENE CHANCY, VF-211. 21 June 1966. MiG-17; gun attack.
Ltjg. PHIL VAMPATELLA, VF-211. 21 June 1966. MiG-17; Sidewinder.
Cdr. DICK BELLINGER, VF-162. 9 October 1966. MiG-21; Sidewinder.
Cdr. MO WRIGHT, VF-211. 1 May 1967. MiG-17; Sidewinder.
Cdr. PAUL SPEER, VF-211. 19 May 1967. MiG-17; Sidewinder.
Ltjg. JOE SHEA, VF-211. 19 May 1967. MiG-17; Sidewinder kill, guns used also. LCdr. Kay Russell was hit by a SAM on this mission, ejected, became a POW.
Cdr. BOBBY LEE, VF-24. 19 May 1967. MiG-17; Sidewinder.
Lt. PHIL WOOD, VF-24. 19 May 1967. MiG-17; Sidewinder. Wood's wingman, Ltjg. Bill Metzger, was hit by AAA during this engagement; Metzger ejected, spent 5 1/2 years as a POW.
LCdr. RED ISAACKS, VF-24. 21 July 1967. MiG-17; Sidewinder.
LCdr BOB KIRKWOOD, VF-24. 21 July 1967. MiG-17; Guns.
LCdr. TIM HUBBARD, VF-211. 21 July 1967. MiG-17; Guns; Zuni (!) assist. MiG-17 probable, guns (same date), MiG-17 probable, guns, ? date.
Ltjg. PHIL DEMPEWOLF, VF-24. 21 June 1966. Probable MiG-17; Sidewinder.
LCdr. DICK WYMAN, VF-162. 14 December 1967. MiG-17; Sidewinder. Lt. Chuck Nelson, a VA-146 A-4 pilot on this mission, took several 35mm. pictures of this engagement; remarkable pictures, remarkable guts!
Cdr. MOOSE MYERS, VF-51. 26 June 1968. MiG-21; Gun attack, Sidewinder kill.
LCdr. JOHN NICHOLS, VF-191. 9 July 1968. MiG-17; Sidewinder disable, gun kill.
Cdr. GUY CANE, VF-53. 29 July 1968. MiG-17; Sidewinder.
Lt. NORM MCCOY, VF-51. 1 August 1968. MiG-21; Sidewinder.
Lt. TONY NARGI, VF-111. 19 September 1968. MiG-21; Sidewinder.

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