Photos from LACB28

The Martin-Baker Ejectees

Martin-Baker was a very generous sponsor of LACB28. We knew that there were several attendees who were able to attend LACB28 only because of the talented folks at Martin-Baker who gave them one or more timely exits from an F8 in distress. The invitation was given at the ball to have those attendees come forward for a special photo. Here's the result: 33 pilots, 18% of the LACB28 pilot attendees. Thank you, Martin-Baker!

A photograph of all of the LCAB28 attendees who ejected from the F8 Crusader

We need your help. We have been unable to identify three people in the photo. They are all in the back identified by the numbers 11, 13 and 22 in the photo. If you are one or know who any of the "unidentified" folks are, please send an email to Dave, the picture guy. Thanks.

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