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Unless otherwise noted, the following images are from personal collections and may not be used without permission. Permission is hereby granted for any F-8 pilot to use these images, for personal use only.

Manning A/C; note SPAR, plane guard DD[Hear an F-8 start! 458 kb, may take a while to load, be patient]

Taxiing onto the cat - port cat Shangri-la / VF-13, stbd cat Hancock / VF-24 [VF-24 courtesy Steve Govus, VAH-10]

Cat Shot

3 Crusaders near Crete

View Through The Gunsight

Plugging an A-4 tanker

Plugging an A-4 tanker - cockpit view

Dirty Dancing -- it ain't fun, but it can be done.

Hook Check. Click on the boat, if you can find it. (LCdr. Paul Skarlatos)

Boards out, dumping fuel (VF-211 F-8A; USN photo)Visit the Checkmates

LSO view of F-8 (Jerry Bishop, controlling - CVA-38)[sound file attached, loads last]

F-8's view of LSO (U.S. Navy Photo -- VFP-62 nose camera, Cdr. Mo Hayes presiding)

An F-8 trap; it's quite a ride!

Taxiing into the pack

OOPS!! Rolling, slick decks can be a problem.

Two Ramp Strikes..the F-8's nemesis. One day, one night

The Very First F-8 Barricade Trap - and over the side! [link]

RF-8G taking the net - broken starboard MLG

Deck level ejection following MLG failure & fire (series of 9 photos)

 Morest following MLG failure  (series of 9 photos)

VF-24 F-8 @ Cam Ranh Bay, 1966; is this you? (Courtesy Tom Pirtle; visit his site)

An F-8 arrives at the U.S.S. Intrepid Museum (Courtesy Kevin Coyne)

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