100 Years of Naval Aviation Display
at San Diego International Airport (Lindbergh Field)
Courtesy of RAdm (ret) Bruce Boland, Crusader driver & Board member, SDIA

The display areas in the Commuter Terminal at San Diego international Airport (SDIA) are devoted to memorabilia from 100 years of Naval Aviation. These paintings hang on the wall of the terminal and are a prominent part of the display.

The following are photographs of the dislayed items; some glare was unavoidable.


By Bill Northup

       John Konrad climbing in afterburner in the first F8 Crusader from the Chance Vought production line.  This was the first aircraft to fly
supersonic on its first experimental flight

Painting donated to the F8 Crusader Association by artist Bill Northup

By Lt. Alex Rucker

       An F8 Crusader turning to its final approach to the aircraft carrier USS Hancock (CVA 19) in the Tonkin Gulf.

Painting on loan to the F8 Crusader Association by Frank Corah, Hancock roommate of artist Alex Rucker.

 MiG Shootdown
By Bill Northup

       Commander Paul Speer of VF-211 downs a North Vietnamese MiG-17.

Painting donated to the F8 Crusader Association by Paul Speer, RAdm (ret).