F8 Crusader Association

F8 Crusader firing its 20mm guns

Emails and Website

Different Look . . .

You will notice a slightly different look in the emails you receive from the Association. Photographs can now be included in the emails, readily available to you rather than your having to follow a link to search for them. You may also see some website-like formatting with banners, colors, etc.

There are changes in the website, mostly transparent to you. We are migrating everything to one web server location. (In the past we had three.) That makes it easier to maintain the site and for editors to create web pages.

Same Players . . .

The workers are the same. As he has done for years, Bull Durham continues his unfailing compilation of your submissions and sending out the Gator Grams, often multiple times a week. Likewise, Dave Johnson holds a steady course in his long-time role as the Web Site Watch Officer, making changes and updates. Bill Wright maintains the Gator Base, a major task. They all three routinely coordinate with each other to make sure things are consistent across the board.

These three gents have faithfully served us for years and we owe them all a great deal of gratitude.

In addition, newcomer Dave Cowles helps with setting up the email and website tools.

The Gunfighters

The F-8 Crusader was the last U.S. fighter designed with guns as its primary weapon. U.S. fighter aircraft are once again being fitted with guns, largely due to the Vietnam airwar experience. Missile-only aircraft were at a distinct disadvantage in the environment many thought passé --- the dogfight. The Crusader with its guns, and Crusader drivers well versed in dogfighting, led to a resurgence in gun-equipped aircraft, and a renewed emphasis in ACM -- Air Combat Maneuvering.

The F-8 Crusader Association was formed to ensure we continue the long tradition of annual get-togethers and to renew the bonds which tie those who flew that magnificent fighter aircraft. The association is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to provide a real-time organization to keep track of and facilitate communications between those in our Crusader family.

In addition, the association collects and archives stories and photos from those who flew the bird. Our goal is to make this treasure accessible.